Laminated Columns by Triad

These columns, backed by Triad’s 50yr warranty, offer faster installation, are generally less expensive than
their solid sawn counterparts, and don’t forget no more twisted splitting posts.

Door & Window


Plyco doors no info yet


These windows are manufactured by MWI and are specifically designed for the post-frame industry.

Sliding Barn Doors

Our Sliding Barn Doors are made with an all welded aluminum tube frame construction. The entire frame is sanded and powder coated as one unit, giving them a finish that’s virtually seamless. The buckboard insert is a laminated 1/2” luan core with FRP interior and a steel face exterior. These doors are available in double buckboard or 3/16” tempered glass. Double or single sliders are offered in a range of sizes from 3’x7’ to 16’x12’ and we also have custom sizes available. The pull handles and trolley bolts are prepped and pre-drilled for a quck and easy install.

XL Dutch doors

Our XL Dutch Doors are constructed with a 2”x3” .125 aluminum tube frame door, and all welded corners. The complete frame is sanded and powder coated leaving a flat seamless finish. The door jam is .125 aluminum with weld-on 6“ aluminum bullet hinges with 1/2” stainless steel pins. A bumper seal on the jam provides a tighter seal and quiet operation. A 3” barrel bolt allows the door to operate separately, or as a single unit. A heavy duty door latch and all the necessary mounting hardware is included.

Insulation and Vapor Barrier

We offer faced and unfaced R-19 roll insulation in 4’x50’ rolls and 8’x50’ rolls ask for other options.

Vapor Barrier Insulation

MicroFoil™ is a clean, non-toxic, self-taping reflective foil insulation
and vapor barrier that provides increased comfort, energy efficiency,
and a clean finished appearance. MicroFoil reduces heat gain and loss
by reflecting radiant energy, the predominant form of heat transfer.

MicroFoil does not contain hazardous chemicals or materials that can
cause itching or allergic reactions. It is made from a proprietary blend
of high-purity aluminum foil incorporating a moisture-proof ¼” thick
multi-ply core.

Available in:

  • 1/8″  eMicro Foil  4′ x 250′  Rolls
  • 1/4″  eMicro Foil  4′ x 250′  Rolls
Vapor Barrier Uses
  • Post Frame
    • Metal Frame
    • Workshops
    • Self Storage
    • Metal Roofs

MicroFoil® is unique in that its lightweight high-performance design does not sacrifice thermal performance. Every roll is designed to reflect radiant energy as opposed to absorbing and dissipating it as do most other insulation products. MicroFoil® can also make mass based insulation more thermally efficient by reducing the radiant energy gain and improve the overall system performance.

When installed with adjacent airspaces, the optimum heat reflecting insulation value can be achieved. Additionally, MicroFoil® can virtually eliminate condensation from forming in your building and acts as a durable, cost-effective vapor barrier.

Installing MicroFoil® can enhance your building’s energy efficiency; thereby, increasing your comfort while also providing a cleaner and
attractive finished appearance.

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